Bruce Momjian wrote:

Peter Eisentraut wrote:

Andrew Dunstan wrote:

I'm confused. Can you explain the problem more clearly, please? Do we
need to distinguish known apps with a known (relative) message
location, from unknown libpq clients?

The problem boils down to the fact that libpq needs to find its data files (in this case locale data, but it could be anything), but it doesn't know its own location, so it can't use a relative path reference as has been proposed.

I am wondering if we should use environment variables, and have our apps
use putenv() to set it to the proper relative path.

It seems a bit roundabout, but might make sense. Maybe they shouldn't override any value already present in the environment, just set it if there is nothing there? Then the library could use the environment if set, or fall back on a hardcoded path.



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