Christopher Kings-Lynne wrote:
> > If you like to live dangerously and not make distclean before you
> > cvs update, then use a vpath build (separate build tree).  There's
> > no reason to have to maintain a large set of .cvsignore files.
> How does one do a vpatch build?  (I live dangerously)

cd /else/where
mkdir pgbuild (or whatever)
cd pgbuild
make install

This basically separates the built files from the source files.  So when 
you do a CVS update and you forgot to clean beforehand, then you can 
just delete the directory.

Then again, the really recommended way to "live dangerously" is to use 
--enable-depend.  This should always be safe except when there are 
major reorganizations in the source tree.  (Some people don't trust 
this, but I do.)

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