> > You wouldn't expect the environment var to be set by an app 
> in those 
> > cases - it would be set by a sysadmin or an installer on a 
> system-wide 
> > basis when pg is installed in other than the hardcoded location. At 
> > least, that's the way I understood Bruce's suggestion.
> Strange.  I don't suppose that PostgreSQL is the first 
> package using gettext on Windows.  How does everyone else handle this?

I don't beleive this is a windows-specific issue. It's a general issue
for all relocateable installs.

As for how to do it - on Windows you *can* get the path of the DLL that
is executing your code, using GetModuleFileName(). Hardly
cross-platform, but can be done.

(The "windows standard" way of doing it is using String Tables as
resources inside the DLL.But that's now what gettext uses, so it's not
relevant unless we'd want to replace gettext (which we don't))


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