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Bruce Momjian wrote:

| Gaetano Mendola wrote:
|>Bruce Momjian wrote:
|>>Here is the C version of pg_ctl.c written by Andrew Dunstan and updated
|>>by me.
|>>You can use it by creating a src/bin/pg_ctl_test directory and putting
|>>the C and Makefile into that directory.  You can then do a make install
|>>and use it for testing.
|>>Unless someone finds a problem, I will apply the change soon.  This
|>>removes our last shell script!
|>It desn't compile on my platform:
|>$ gcc -I /usr/include/pgsql/server pg_ctl.c
|>pg_ctl.c: In function `start_postmaster':
|>pg_ctl.c:219: error: `DEVNULL' undeclared (first use in this function)
|>pg_ctl.c:219: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
|>pg_ctl.c:219: error: for each function it appears in.)
| DEVNULL is in CVS port.h.  Are you running against CVS?

No. Against 7.4.1

|>2) xstrdup protected by duplicate NULL string | | | You mean that you can't pass NULL to xstrdup? Yea, but if we do, it | will crash and we will hear about it right away.

Yea u'r right, it will crash without know why, for the same reason you can
avoid to use the xstrdup then.

Gaetano Mendola

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