Looks like Tom put this all in.


Magnus Hagander wrote:
> The following patch fixes locale support under win32.
> * Saves and reloads LC_COLLATE and LC_CTYPE when a new backend is
> execed. Also preserved in pgstat even though it's supposedly not used
> there at the moment, to be on the safe side for the future. With this
> patch, passes regression tests with regional settings set to != english.
> * This is not necessary (see previous discussion) to do for the other
> LC_xxx types. These are all set in GUC, and are handled by the routines
> to save/restore all nondefault GUC varilables.
> * setlocale(LC_MESSAGES,"") returns NULL on win32. And it's always
> called as part of GUC setup. Patch changes code to ignore the result if
> we set it to "". (Can someone confirm that this is not totally unsafe?
> From what I can tell, LC_MESSAGS is only set to ""
> Oh, and how do I change a locale:d system into english? Mine picks up
> swedish from the environment...
> After this, the only remaining regression error on win32 is the join one
> (the "unimportant ordering" one)
> //Magnus

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