Bruce Momjian wrote:

Andreas Pflug wrote:

Bruce Momjian wrote:

- pg_config_paths.h isn't available. SYSCONFDIR is already defined so fe-connect.c doesn't need to include that.
patch appended

This shouldn't be needed anymore.  Where is SYSCONFDIR coming from?  Is
it from some Win32 include file?  It should only be coming from
pg_config_paths.h now.

It's defined in pg_config.h.win32, which is copied to pg_config.h. There's no pg_config_paths.h for win32, and I wonder if the code which uses SYSCONFDIR is of any use for win32.

Thanks. Removed. I never saw that because the file has a .win32
extension and my search tools didn't look in there.

Well, that doesn't work like this. As I already wrote, there's no SYSCONFDIR, and if there was it can't have any sensible value for win32 clients. SYSCONFDIR as of pg_config.h.win32 version 1.13 was just a dummy to make the compiler happy. Now there's no SYSCONFDIR around, and no pg_config_paths.h either...

The attached patch will create a dummy pg_config_paths.h. Additionally, ENABLE_THREAD_SAFETY is supported by the makefile (but not by the sources, which need some rework)


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