Hi Matthew,

Cool. Last week I just take a look at it and have some ideas.

> I have been working on integrating pg_autovacuum into the backend.  I
> have used Tom's recent work on the bgwriter as an example.  This patch
> accomplishes the following:
> * pg_autovacuum is now started and stopped by the postmaster
> * pg_autovacuum is no longer a stand alone executable
> * pg_autovacuum now uses elog
> I am submitting this patch for review to make sure that I'm headed in
> the right direction, so please give it a cursory glance and tell me if
> you see any glaring problems.
Yep. You're in the right direction.

> I am planning on doing much more in the next few days including:
> * creating pg_autovacuum related guc variables
> * create a new system table for pg_autovacuum settings
> * alter pg_class (or create another new system table) to store
> additional per table pg_autovacuum data which will allow per table
> settings and persistent data
I just made some of this. If you want to exchanges ideas, drop me a line.

I'll try to get what you've done and integrate it with what i've done.

Euler Taveira de Oliveira
euler (at) ufgnet.ufg.br
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UFGNet - Universidade Federal de Goiás

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