Thanks to the generous support of Torchbox (http://www.torchbox.com), I
have been able to significantly improve the contrib/xml XPath
integration code.

New features:

* XPath set-returning function allows multiple results from an several
XPath queries to be used as a virtual table.
* Using libxslt, XSLT transformations (with and without parameters) are
supported. (Caution: This support allows generic URL fetching from
within the backend as well).

I've removed the old code so that it is all libxml based. Rather than
attach as a patch, I've put the tar.gz (10k!) at 
(all files in archive are xml/....).

I think this is worth replacing the contrib version with, even though
the function names have changed (though the same functionality is
there), because it includes a SRF and some SPI usage, in addition to
linking to an external library. And it isn't a big module! Obviously, I
understand that people might prefer to move it elsewhere, or might have
reservations about replacing an existing contrib module with an
incompatible one. I'm open to suggestions.

Obviously, please also let me know if you find any bugs or platform
incompatibilities (I have only one platform, so my testing in that line
is non-existent).


John Gray, Azuli IT

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