Gavin Sherry wrote:

I would debate that.

Firstly, tablespaces aren't supported on windows yet.

Just a matter of time. And I'm talking of win32 workstations connecting to *ix servers too.

Secondly, I'd think
that Unix users would be fine with a command line tool, especially one
that can connect to a remote host.

For those not used to command line tools, I can imagine extensions to
pgadmin or phppgadmin.

:-) :-) :-)

Unfortunately, us admin tool programmers can't practice witchcraft, so we need a pgsql function for that...
Certainly, we could iterate all known databases making a one-time connection (if allowed to connect, what about template0?), retrieving tablespace dependencies, and close again. As debated above, that's quite costly, especially if more sophisticated authentication mechanisms are used.

Regards, Andreas

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