Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Tom Lane wrote:
> >> How useful will oid2name be if it doesn't understand about tablespaces?
> >> I dunno how it ought to be changed, but surely it needs some thought.
> > I assume we just need to add a tablespace display when run with no args,
> > and a -s option to display _with_ -d to display only objects in that
> > database.  We could go fancy and spin through all the databases and list
> > the datbase name and objects in that tablespace.
> I should think that the table-level display ought to show both the
> relfilenode and tablespace OIDs for each table.

This is the existing display:

        (3) aspg oid2name -d test
        All tables from database "test":
        17147  = sql_features
        17152  = sql_implementation_info
        17157  = sql_languages
        17162  = sql_packages
        17167  = sql_sizing
        17172  = sql_sizing_profiles
        17220  = x

For objects in the default tablespace, they don't show a tablespace oid,
right?  Where do we put it?  A column that will be empty if they don't
use tablespaces?

> > Given the number of open items for 7.5, I am thinking of keeping this
> > for post-feature freeze.  Both are contrib.
> Right, I doubt Marc will object to fixing contrib stuff after feature
> freeze ...

Also, remember I am only online fulltime for another two days, then I am
leaving for Europe, return on July 3, after feature freeze.

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