Dear Peter,

Thanks a lot for all these comments. I'll try to update my patch in the
coming week, or maybe this weekend.

Some responses to some of your comments:

> - Please don't invent new targets like light-install, install-local.
> Just install everything in the install target.

The current status is that there are two targets: "install" and
"server-install". As I think that "server-install" should be the default,
I renamed it "install", but I wanted to let the old "install" still
available, thus I had to find a name for it, hence "light-install". It
is the install a packager would like to chose, to have a separate -dev

> - Referring to the renaming of all makefiles under contrib/: I'm not in
> favor of naming makefiles; it should be  This
> makes it easier for tools that recognize files by extension.

Ok. Actually, the "Makefile.pgxs" is the template "example" makefile, so
its status is different from others that are to be included.

Thanks again,

Fabien Coelho - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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