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I know it's late in the day, but ...

Attached is a patch and 2 replacement files for plperl. The work has been done under the auspices of the plperlng project on pgfoundry. The code (which has been through several iterations) comes from CommandPrompt, and has had some minor editorializing by me (spelling, indentation, function heading comments). It has also been reviewed somewhat by Abhijit Menon-Sen, who supplied a small optimization. It has been tested by me and by David Fetter.

My apologies. I should have tested more. It appears that the optimization Abhijit sent us causes a memory error, at least onn my machine. I have therefore reverted it. Please ignore the patch file previously sent and use this one instead. The other files in my previous post are still relevant - to save space I have not reattached them.



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