Joe Conway wrote:

Andrew Dunstan wrote:

The attached patch (and 2 new files incorporating previous eloglvl.[ch] as
before) has the following changes over previously sent patch
(fixes all by me):

- fix null <-> undef mappings
- fix GNUmakefile to honor rpath configuration, and remove ugly compile
arnings due to inappropriate use of rpath in CFLAGS
- very minor code comment cleanup

The feature set is as previously advised.

I've been working with Andrew and company on this for a few days. I intend to finish up my code review and commit it tomorrow sometime, unless someone has objections.

That said, I'm not particularly strong in perl, so it would be helpful if others would test and report in.

Thanks, Joe.

There is a very small test script here: that can be used as a starting point. Any contributions welcome.



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