Am Freitag, 25. Juni 2004 16:19 schrieb Fabien COELHO:
> > - Incidentally, the above will fail if pg_config is not installed (yet),
> Yes.
> > so it can't be used in the contrib/ directories.
> > (The contrib directories are at least cleaned by the top-level makefile,
> > this this is a must-fix failure.)
> Well, I think it can be used anyway:
> If you cannot compile extensions before postgresql is already installed,

That assumption is wrong.  The contrib modules can be built at the same time 
as the rest of the tree, before any installation takes place.  This is 
essential for packaging: When a package is built, the tree is never really 

> > - In -L$(pkglibdir) is not necessary.  There are not
> > libraries to link at build time in there.
> It is done only "ifdef PGXS", in which case it seems to me that
> this is really needed, as it is at extension-building time.

There are by definition never any build-time linkable files in $(pkglibdir).

>  - maybe more files should be copied? if so which ones?

Actually you might copy less files.  You don't need to copy everything under 
src/makefiles/.  It is enough to copy Makefile.port, since you already know 
the platform.

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