Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Alvaro, you call GetParentTransactionId(), but I see not definition for
> it in the code.

It looks like Alvaro forgot to include diffs for xact.c in that patch.
I imagine what he had in mind was to add such a function to xact.c.

I would like to counsel *not* doing that, mainly because it wouldn't
have any well-defined result when not inside a subxact.  What we are
doing for other end-of-subxact functions is to pass the parent XID
explicitly as a parameter; it seems best to me to adopt that approach
for the password function too.

Another minor gripe is the comment that says this logic matches inval.c;
that's not true anymore, I think.

Other than that the patch looks okay to me, but I'll wait for Alvaro
to submit a combined patch rather than adjusting xact.c underneath him.

A todo item for you, Bruce, is to put back the missing documentation
that Alvaro complained of:

>> Something that bugged me a lot is that I tried to find the format of the
>> file for testing the patch, and I couldn't find anything anywhere in the
>> docs.  Apparently the docs for the file were ripped with the docs for
>> the pg_passwd utility when it was ripped before the 7.3 release.

                        regards, tom lane

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