Fabien COELHO wrote:
> Dear patchers,
> Please find attached version number 3 for a patch to enable
> extensions such as contribs or external add-ons to be installed
> simply with an already installed postgresql.

OK, I think we're getting somewhere.

I am still opposed to adding more targets of the form "light-install", 
"client-only install", etc.  Please discuss this on -hackers.  It can 
be done as a separate patch later on if need be.

While I now understand what you are doing in contrib, I ask who is going 
to want to maintain two parallel sets of makefiles, one for PGXS and 
one for in-tree builds?  One who is going to want to use the PGXS ones 
anyway?  I realize they're good examples, but examples should be put 
into the documentation, so people can find them.

Paste your documentation (pgxs.sgml) somewhere into xfunc.sgml, where it 
discusses writing user-defined functions.  This material isn't long 
enough to warrant a chapter of its own.

+ ifdef PGXS
+ LDFLAGS += -L$(pkglibdir)
+ endif

needs to disappear.  There is nothing to link with in there.  (If there 
is, that's a bug.)

libpgport should be installed in the normal libdir.

Peter Eisentraut

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