Here is another patch that fixes a stack of pg_dump bugs:

* Fix help text ordering

* Add back --set-session-authorization to pg_dumpall. Updated the docs for that. Updated help for that.

* Dump ALTER USER commands for the cluster owner ("pgsql"). These are dumped AFTER the create user and create database commands in case the permissions to do these have been revoked.

* Dump ALTER OWNER for public schema (because it's possible to change
it). This was done by adding TOC entries for the public schema, and filtering them out at archiver time. I also save the owner in the TOC entry just for the public schema.

* Suppress dumping single quotes around schema_path and DateStyle options when they are set using ALTER USER or ALTER DATABASE. Added a comment to the steps in guc.c to remind people to update that list.

* Fix dumping in --clean mode against a pre-7.3 server. It just sets all drop statements to assume the public schema, allowing it to restore without error.

* Cleaned up text output. eg. Don't output -- Tablespaces comment if there are none. Same for groups and users.

* Make the commands to DELETE FROM pg_shadow and DELETE FROM pg_group only be output when -c mode is enabled. I'm not sure why that hasn't been done before?!?!

This should be good for application asap, after which I will start on regression dumping 7.0-7.4 databases.


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