>Magnus, why is this reassignment needed, basically the 'else' part:
>! ifeq ($(PORTNAME), win32)
>! xperl_archlibexp=$(subst \,/,$(perl_archlibexp))
>! xperl_privlibexp=$(subst \,/,$(perl_privlibexp))
>! perl_embed_ldflags=-L $(xperl_archlibexp)/CORE -lperl58
>! else
>! xperl_archlibexp=$(perl_archlibxep)
>! xperl_privlibexp=$(perl_privlibexp)
>! endif

Most likely because I'm not experienced enough at writing makefiles ;-)

I originally tried the approach with
ifeq ($(PORTNAME),win32)
perl_archlibexp=$(subst, \,/,$(perl_archlibexp))

but then make complained about recursive assignment of the variable. If
there is a simple way to get around that, it wouldn't be necessary.
Since I didn't know of one, I had to change the name of the variable,
which in turned required the part under else, so I didn't have to ifeq
the actual build rule.


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