I have Peter reviewing this.


Fabien COELHO wrote:
> Dear patchers,
> Please find attached another new version of a patch which provides a
> working infrastructure for pg extensions. I hope it addresses all of
> Peter's comments. I'll be away for the next 3 weeks, so if minor changes
> are required it would be best if you could proceed without me...
> The infrastructure is a simple reworking of the already available internal
> infrastructure for contrib, so that it can be used outside of the
> postgresql source tree after installation, without gory details being in
> sight of the user. The documentation is added as a new section in
> "xfunc.sgml".
> I updated all contrib makefiles so that they can be used either the
> standard way after a configure, or the new way without needing a configure
> but with an already installed postgreSQL. Just try them with
>       "cd contrib/foo ; make USE_PGXS=1 install"
> *AFTER* postgresql has been configure, compiled and installed.  It should
> be compiled and installed wrt to the first "pg_config" which is found in
> the path.
> How it works:
>  - necessary files (includes, scripts, makefiles...) are copied under
>    $(pkglibdir)/pgxs on the initial "make install".
>    due to gnu-make restriction on how its includes work, these files must
>    be copied with the *same* directory structure as the pg source tree.
>    The fact does not appear at all in the actual infrastructure from the
>    user point of view, but it explains why subdirectories are necessary
>    under pgxs, if you care to have a look.
>  - the makefile of any extension is expected to set macro PGXS to
>    "pg_config --pgxs", to include a special makefile, and to
>    set some macros depending on what is to be built, just like in
>    current contrib.
>  - I've added two PGXS-triggered conditionnals in Makefile.global,
>    so that includes and libraries are taken where needed.
> Notes:
>  - there is still a "light-install" target that matches the previous
>    "install" behavior, as new "install" matches previous "server-install".
>  - I'm not sure the sgml is ok. It looks ok, but is it enough.
>  - It validates and works for me.
> Have a nice day,
> -- 
> Fabien Coelho - [EMAIL PROTECTED]


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