>> Remove 'syslog' GUC variable, and add more logical 'log_destination'
>> variable to control logoutput location on Unix and Win32.
>I just noticed that this patch seems to have replaced a PGC_SIGHUP
>config item (the syslog flag) with a PGC_POSTMASTER config item
>(log_destination).  What was the reason for the downgrade in
>flexibility?  If it was discussed before, I've forgotten ...

Not that I can remember. 
If I do remember correctly, what I did was copy the entry for
syslog-facility. Which is set as PGC_POSTMASTER. I don't know if there
is rationale behind that one, but I think that's where I got it from.
(same goes for syslog-ident).

I see no direct reason why you shouldn't be able to change it via at


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