Peter Eisentraut wrote:

Matthew T. O'Connor wrote:

As before, to apply this patch:
1) Move pg_autovacuum.c and .h get from contrib to
src/backend/postmaster and src/include/postmaster respectively.

Trivial comment: maybe we can drop the pg_ prefix on the file names.

Ok, that's not a problem. Bruce would you like me to submit another patch that makes this change, or will you make the change when you apply the patch?

2) Place the attached pg_autovacuum.h in src/include/catelog/

I'm not sure whether we can allow int8 columns in system tables, for portability reasons.

Someone will have to tell me if this is really a problem, I have no idea. I'm using using int8 since one could set a threshold to a number greater than 4 million. I could probably change it to use a float value. Comments?

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