Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I have applied the attached patch:
>    Exit backend from SIGTERM or FATAL by simulating client EOF, rather than
>    calling proc_exit() directly.  This should make SIGTERM more reliable.

After further consideration I have concluded that this was a
spectacularly bad idea and we should revert that patch.  There is a very
large amount of processing that this patch will cause to happen after a
FATAL error has been declared, and I doubt that any of it is a good
idea.  Some examples:

* AbortCurrentTransaction() --- not too cool if the FATAL error was one
  of the ones in xact.c that are complaining of fatally bollixed
  transaction state.

* pgstat reporting --- aside from the chance of an outright crash, we
  might be transmitting bogus statistics to the collector.

* sending a ReadyForQuery (Z) message --- one thing we quite certainly
  ain't is ReadyForQuery.

* EnableNotifyInterrupt --- this may result in actually trying to run
  a transaction to look through pg_listener :-(

* ProcessConfigFile, if we had a pending SIGHUP --- also not too cool,
  if the FATAL was from guc.c.

I am still dubious that zapping random backends with SIGTERM is a sane
or supportable idea.  But this patch does not make things better, it
simply greatly increases the chance of a FATAL exit turning into a
backend crash or PANIC.

                        regards, tom lane

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