LELARGE Guillaume wrote:
> LELARGE Guillaume a écrit :
> > Here is the latest .po file for the french 7.4 version. You'll also
> > find updates for 7.5 .po files.
> >
> > Please, apply to the respectives branches.
> I didn't see them applied in CVS. Are they wrong ?

Let's say they needed a bit of inspection.  A couple of hints for the 

- Choose either ISO-8859-1 or ISO-8859-15 as encoding, not both.

- Please actually encode the files in the declared encoding.  The pg_ctl 
translation was partially encoded in UTF-8.  I did not install that 

- Please read the message style guidelines at 
(or make up your local equivalent).  In particular, the capitalization 
seems to be handled inconsistently.

- Please control the garbage that KBabel generates.  If the top of the 
file looks like

# translation of postgres.po to FR_fr
# translation of postgres.po to Français
# translation of postgres.po to
# translation of postgres.po to
# translation of postgres.po to
# translation of postgres.po to
# Lelarge Guillaume <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, 2004.
# Guillaume Lelarge <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, 2004.
msgid ""

that doesn't look too pretty.

Peter Eisentraut

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