Tom Lane wrote:
Do people want the server file logging/rotating patch applied if it is
Unix-only?  Right now the patch is ifdef'ed so Win32 use of it is

I'm slightly worried that we might be painting ourselves into a corner,
ie implementing functionality that will never work on Windows.

Personally, of course, I won't care if it never works on Windows.  But
I suspect there are some out there who do care ;-).  It might be better
to wait till we're sure there's a reasonable implementation path for

Actually, I believe the implementation I did first (having all processes append to the logfile themselves) would have worked for win32 too.
As long as you don't impose linux-centric limitations on win32 implementations, there certainly *are* solutions to the problem.

A very reasonable way would be to have the win32_signal_waiter thread not only wait for the child terminating, but also checking the pipe. This is certainly *the* recommended win32 way.


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