* You had consistently changed the simple_heap_update calls to do the
wrong thing.  (I'm surprised it didn't blow up on you in your testing.)
In a sequence like

        newtuple = heap_modifytuple(tup, rel, repl_val, repl_null, repl_repl);

        simple_heap_update(rel, &newtuple->t_self, newtuple);
        CatalogUpdateIndexes(rel, newtuple);

the second parameter to simple_heap_update *must* be newtuple->t_self
not tup->t_self.  The reason is that simple_heap_update stores the new
physical location of the updated tuple back into that parameter, and
then the CatalogUpdateIndexes call relies on newtuple->t_self to
generate new index entries.  The way you had it coded, it was generating
new index entries pointing at the old version of the tuple ...

Strange. I guess I must have been testing with a database that had short enough system catalogs that the indexes were never used?


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