Dear Peter,

> Am Mittwoch, 11. August 2004 16:25 schrieb Fabien COELHO:
> > (b) I think it is a key feature that one should be able to compile
> >     contrib with the already installed postgresql, without having
> >     to reconfigure.
> Why?  I think it would be an entirely useless feature.

(1) this "entirely useless feature" would have simplified *my* little
    life once for some tests I needed.

(2) I used contrib to test that pgxs works!
    I think they are needed to test that it continues to work.

    That is how I figured out that libgport was missing, because
    I could not compile pbbench with PGXS.

(3) if there is an infrastructure for extensions, there is no reason
    why we could not demonstrate it on contribs, if it is available
    for tests anyway, and as it may be useful to other people.

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