Tom Lane said:
> Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Should it be backported for the upcoming stable release(s)? Bruce and
>> I  were discussing this earlier.
> Probably a good idea, since we do support psql on Windows even in the
> older releases.
> My personal opinion is to back-port only as far as 7.4, but if you feel
> like doing and testing it for 7.3 then I'll apply the patch.  I need it
> tomorrow (Sat) though, as I'd like to wrap these releases Sunday.

No, I think 7.4 should do. 7.3 users will still have the dos2unix workaround
available. Are you going to do the 7.4 patch, or do you need me to? I
normally only keep a HEAD tree checked out. A quick look at the cvsweb diffs
suggests the patch should apply cleanly but with different line offsets.



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