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        * fix case where template db already uses target tablespace


Tom Lane wrote:
> Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I am a little confused why we can't just merge the directories?  The
> > relfilenodes would guarantee that the files are unique, right?
> Actually not: there is no uniqueness check on relfilenode beyond the
> indirect one of the files having to live in the same directory.  In the
> tablespace world it will be possible for tables in different tablespaces
> to have conflicting relfilenodes.  Admittedly this should be rare and
> it's probably good enough to fail only if a collision occurs --- but
> it's something that would have to be kept in mind while coding.
> Another issue is that since we aren't changing the template's pg_class,
> we would end up with a database in which some tables refer to the
> database's default tablespace explicitly (reltablespace = its OID) and
> some refer to it implicitly (reltablespace = 0).  I'm not sure what the
> consequences of that are, but it might not be good.  It would definitely
> be a state that you couldn't get into "normally".  (One fairly likely
> scenario for failure is if you then try to copy this database and change
> the default TS again...)
> > Seems we should apply this patch
> I think it needs more thought.  I've been busy with other issues and
> haven't expended any cycles on the problem myself ...
>                       regards, tom lane

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