Tom Lane wrote:

Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Rather I would ask why we changed the description-loading routine in version 1.7 of initdb.c to use a copy from file instead of what happens everywhere else where initdb loads the file and feeds it to the postgres stdin?

That was to avoid a Windows-only newline problem. Don't complain too

Well, I've tried to fix every newline problem I've come across - I wasn't aware of this one.

You are in any case missing the point: -L is a useless switch and there
is no reason to make it easy to use.  (I don't think I have ever once
had occasion to use it in all the years I've worked on Postgres, and I
have certainly run initdb in orders-of-magnitude more contexts than any
ordinary user would.)  If I have to waste any more time on this
discussion, I will propose solving the problem by removing the switch

Sorry - I don't read -bugs so I haven't followed the discussion.

Removing it makes more sense to me, frankly.



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