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> Yep, DLLIMPORT is the right fix.  Patch attached and applied.
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Hi Bruce,

I had actually gone for Andreas' suggestion and included the DLLIMPORT
in an extern declaration so thanks for applying the patch. However, I'm
still not convinced that this is the best thing to do in this case. This
is because we either allow access to all GUC variables (in which case we
need to locate them all and mark them as DLLIMPORT) or otherwise provide
another mechanism to get this information.

Looking at Thomas' patch
(http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-patches/2004-04/msg00280.php) it
seems that using GetConfigOption() is the only way that will work
without knowing the underlying variable name that stores your GUC value
(this may not necessarily be the same name as the parameter in
postgresql.conf) and also work with new  custom GUC variables. So I
guess I was looking more for clarification that this was the "official"
way to access GUC information? (I see this also as being less likely to
break in future, since if the underlying variable name changes,
everything will still work unless the parameter changes its name)

Many thanks,



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