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> >> If I get time, I will begin making psql backward-compatible to 7.3 and
> >> further, but the changes to do so will not be as small as this patch
> >> and I would rather they get evaluated separately.
> >
> > But do we want to do this?  Is it worth doing, and maintaining?
> I think so, within reason. Certainly going back to 7.4 is worthy, and
> probably 7.3 as well. Going back to 7.2 is probably not: in addition
> to major changes due to schemas appearing, it is a pretty old version
> at this point. People have certainly expressed interest in the past
> as far making psql backwards-compatible, and I think the code can be
> kept fairly clean.
> At least we are guaranteed to compile against current libraries - apps
> outside the source tree never get that luxury and have worse
> compatibility problems. :)

The issue is that no one has been asking for this functionality, and I
can imagine it becoming quite a mess after a few releases.

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