Tom Lane wrote:
Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Andreas Pflug wrote:

Not really. The backend will still use the reliable pg_ functions.
Frontends continue to use the libc functions, which are totally sufficient in non-concurrent access situations.

I would like to keep full Unix semantics for these functions even in
libpq, if possible.

libpq doesn't use either rename or unlink AFAIK.  However, if we make
the patch be something involving #ifdef FRONTEND, then it will affect
other code that might want to use those.

One thing that hasn't been real clear to me is why this only affects
fe-lobj.c, when we have many other files that include <io.h> after
including postgres.h.

Quite simple: mingw includes do *not* conflict.
Only a minority of tools is object to VC6 compilation, ultimately only libpq is needed.


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