> LockShared('name');

Hmmm, I thought about that, but it is *WAY* more complicated than it
looks. What if after a "Lock" the process crashes before it can call
"Unlock?" It is this problem that inspired the "add" and "sub" calls.

>> This is a first pass on a simple shared memory variable system for
>> PostgreSQL. I would appriciate anyone interested in this functionality
>> to
>> rip it apart.
>> It basically adds this functionality:
>> SetShared('name', value);
>> GetSharedInt('name');
>> SetSharedText('name);
>> RemovedShared('name');
>> I also added two extra functions that are sort of a kludge, but could be
>> very helpful.
>> AddSharedInt('name', value);
>> SubSharedInt('name', value);
>> These add or subtect the 'value' from the variable and return the
>> result.
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