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Andreas Pflug <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Tom Lane wrote:

I can see the value of not needing any cron daemon to remove old logs.

No other logs on your system to purge?

The DBA isn't necessarily also root.

Interesting this argument comes from you.. :-)

Tasks like purging old log files is certainly not a job that needs to be implemented in the backend; instead, an external database maintenance agent should do that.
Such an agent (pgadmin TODO list working title: pgAgent, there was a lengthy discussion "Scheduled jobs" starting 2004-05-12), allowing scheduled sql scripts, would delete old log files using

select pg_file_unlink(filename)
  from pg_logdir_ls
 where filetime < now() - '8 days'::interval

*if* this functionality isn't corrupted by arbitrary selectable file name formatting.


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