Compiled and tried,
seems much better, no more WAIT_FAIL errors.

but I have some questions:
1. Is there a any possibility to assign server log file ( option -l,--log )
when PG runs as a service,
   I wasn't able to do that, dump everything into stderror or eventlog just
not convenient.

2. What is a theoretical and practical number of the concurrent connection?
   I'm asking this question due to following, as right now each child
corresponds to
   a thread, problem is thread reserves 1MB of V address space, so
technically we are talking about
   2/3K of concurrent connections top, depending of Windows configuration
(3GB flag).
   But 2K of connection still pretty decent number comparing to less then 60
for cygwin.


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> Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2004 9:20 PM
> Subject: Win32 bug fix
> Could someone please eyeball the attached patch for errors and as a
> correction for:
> Also, could someone (Maksim?) please reproduce the bug on
> their system, and
> then confirm that the patch corrects (as I seem unable to
> reproduce the bug,
> which in itself is a mystery I don't have time to solve :-)
> Cheers,
> Claudio
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