Bruce Momjian schrieb:
I am inclined to leave the #ifdef Cygwin test in the code rather than
add a configure check.

No, There are a lot of other systems with time_t timezone!

newlib explains it like this:
/* defines for the opengroup specifications Derived from Issue 1 of the SVID. */
extern __IMPORT time_t _timezone;
extern __IMPORT int _daylight;
extern __IMPORT char *_tzname[2];

SVID (System V Interface Definition) seems to be an interesting spec, which I found here:
(nothing about the type of timezone though)

But the time_t timezone issue is here:
  "XSHd7 Aardvark Change Request Report"
(ERN 20 Accept as marked, page 1177)

SUSV2 only defines it as long int

Caldera, redhat and IRIX 6.2 at least use time_t

Please google for "time_t timezone" and the accompanying autoconf .m4 files. tcl.m4 could be quite useful, if you don't like my hack.
php also uses time_t and not long int.

PS: For compatibility newlib has:
#ifdef __CYGWIN__
#ifdef timezonevar
#ifndef timezone
#define timezone ((long int) _timezone)

Looks like we only have to define timezonevar in our hint,
eh Makefile.port, but then the other platforms will loose.


Reini Urban wrote:
Tom Lane schrieb:
Reini Urban <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Added configure time_t timezone check for the SUSV definition.

Kindly do not claim that this is per SUS spec.

oops! sorry :(
Reini Urban

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