Patch applied.  Thanks.

This part of the patch was already in CVS:
        *** 822,829 ****
        --- 822,832 ----
                int                     i;
                char            tzname[128];
        +       char        localtzname[128];
                time_t          t = time(NULL);
                struct tm  *tm = localtime(&t);
        +       HKEY        rootKey;
        +       int         idx;
                if (!tm)


Magnus Hagander wrote:
> This patch attempts to fix the issue with localized timezones on
> Windows.
> Recap: When running on a localized windows version, the timezone name
> returned is also localized, and therefor does not match our lookup
> table.
> Solution: The registry contains both the name of the timezone in english
> and the localized name. The patch adds code to scan the registry for the
> localized name and gets the english name from that, and then rescans the
> table.
> I have tested this on a Swedish WinXP, and it works without problems.
> The registry layout is the same in Win2k, but I haven't specifically
> tested it. It's also the same on different languages but again only
> Swedish is tested.
> //Magnus

Content-Description: win32localtz.patch

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