>>Bugger. I've found the reason for this - statement_timeout was also
>>broken. This was broken by the change of how signals are handled on
>>win32. We disabled APCs completely, but APCs were still used in the
>>timer emulation... This patch fixes this by re-enabling APCs 
>>in the main
>>check loop. The APC routine used by the timer code is very simple and
>>will not interfer with the signal stuff (which had problems 
>with socket
>>calls, as you probably recall).
>Sorry, this was a bit premature. There are a few more places that need
>to be cleane dup. I'll send a new patch in a couple of minutes.

Here's a more complete patch that addresses all the places where
WaitForxxx can block. The previous fix only fixed statement_timeout, not
the deadlock situation.


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