Fabien COELHO wrote:
> Dear Bruce,
> >> So, the question remains the same: is there a consensus to drop
> >> install-all-headers/light-install targets for a simple and full "install"?
> >
> > This is the 8.0 release  --- let's remove those targets.  Our logic has
> > usually been to remove confusing options and document their removal
> > rather than keep them around and continue confusing people forever.
> >
> > Would you resubmit with adjustments for comments made?
> What comments do you want me to adjust?
> Do you mean I should add a paragraph is the documentation about
> that now there is only one install target. I updated the documentation
> on both patch submission, but if more is required I'll do what I ask,
> just be more specific.
> The v2 version is the one which has a single and simple "install" target 
> everywhere.

Ah, I see v2 now.  It was a little farther down in my mailbox.  It is 
in the patch queue now.

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