Mirko Tebaldi - Pubblico wrote:
> in attachment, the update postgres-it.po


> this file, and the italian .po file i sent you saturday are ALL from
> the CURRENT branch. i see that you've update the version 7.4 status
> table, but i used the po/pot taken from the current.

No, all your files were installed in the current branch.  Another 
contributor submitted updates for 7.4, that's why the table for 7.4 was 
updated (it happens automatically).

> Must i go on on 7.4 or it a great idea to work on the current?

If you want to work on current, you should get your files from current.  
You can also work fixing up the 7.4 if you wish; then you should get 
your files from 7.4.  Just be sure to indicate what you want to be done 
with your files when you submit them.

Peter Eisentraut

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