Neil Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I fixed it by initializing dims_str[0] to '\0' circa line 1018 in
> current sources. While doing so I couldn't resist the temptation to fix
> a few of arrayfunc.c's crimes against good programming practise, so the
> attached patch includes some additional cosmetic improvements.

I dislike what you did at lines 983-1012 (replace a local variable by
possibly-many stores into an array).  Also, as long as we're fixing
unreadable code, how about (line 1019)

        for (i = j = 0, k = 1; i < ndim; k *= dims[i++], j += k);


        for (i = j = 0, k = 1; i < ndim; i++)
                k *= dims[i], j += k;

or some such.  The empty loop body is a mistake waiting to happen.

Looks fine to me otherwise.

                        regards, tom lane

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