On Friday September 17 2004 4:44, Tom Lane wrote:
> "Ed L." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > This patch updates log rotation documentation:
> Applied, except for
> >     + Removed false statement that log_filename can only be changed on
> > restart (it is reloadable via sighup);
> The statement was correct as given so I didn't remove it.  (If you think
> it should mention that SIGHUP works, there are several dozen other uses
> of the identical wording to describe SIGHUP variables ...)

"This option can only be set at server start or in the 
<filename>postgresql.conf</filename> configuration file."

My misunderstanding.  I misread the above to mean SIGHUP did not work, as 
opposed to postgresql.conf variables for which SIGHUP *will* reload them.  
I guess the word "only" refers to not being able to use SET?


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