Tom Lane wrote:

> If we're going to do that, we should also include the other statements
> that disallow execution in a transaction, and we should rename
> is_transact_command to something more appropriate (not to mention fix
> its comments).  A quick grep shows
> PreventTransactionChain((void *) stmt, "CREATE DATABASE");
> PreventTransactionChain((void *) dbname, "DROP DATABASE");
> PreventTransactionChain((void *) stmt, "CLUSTER");
> PreventTransactionChain((void *) dbname, "REINDEX DATABASE");
> PreventTransactionChain((void *) vacstmt, stmttype);
> PreventTransactionChain((void *) stmt, "CREATE TABLESPACE");
> PreventTransactionChain((void *) stmt, "DROP TABLESPACE");

> Handling the multi-keyword cases is going to take a nontrivial increment
> of functionality.  Perhaps while we're at it, we could teach this code
> about nested /* comments ...

Currently there is no need for nested comments, because those are only
single word queries. Or do I not understand what you mean by nested
comments? (There is code for ignore /* .. */ before the first keyword.)

Any suggestion how to that? I can think of a way myself, but it may not be
the best, as I don't consider C my natural language. I can try, or does
anyone else feel inclined to fix this?

Best Regards,
Michael Paesold

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