Tom Lane wrote:

Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

The attached tiny patch will possibly help to avoid some confusion by Windows users about the "local" line in pg_hba.conf (and thus help reduce queries to us ;-) ).

I was wondering if we could teach initdb to remove that line altogether in Windows installations.

See later email.

Of course it can be done. Probably the simplest way is a new small routine called, say filter_token, which would remove lines containing a given token:

 static char **filter_token(char **lines, char *token);

Then we could have something like:

#ifdef WIN32 (orwhatever we are calling it now)
   conflines = filter_token(conflines,"@remove-line-for-win32@");
   conflines = replace_token(conflines, "@remove-line-for-win32@","");

Incidentally, even Unix users frequently get confused about the "local" line - one of the commonest newbie mistakes is to think it means localhost. So marking it clearly as being for Unix domain sockets would still be a Good Thing (tm).



                        regards, tom lane

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