>> We run the first part of the autoconf test. The one that sets
>> python_includespec. (PGAC_PATH_PYTHON) We just skip the 
>parts that tries
>> to read the Makefile.
>It would be better to put an "if" in the PGAC_CHECK_PYTHON_EMBED_SETUP
>macro, and have it use some other technique for obtaining the info it
>needs when on Windows.

Ok. I'll look into that.

>If they don't have a Makefile, one would hope they have some other kind
>of file that has the needed info.  Or doesn't Python support embedding
>on Windows?

They do. They just don't install the Makefile (could be because it's all
built with MSVC).

The distutils module has a get_python_inc() function which returns the
include directory. If this one was used, we wouldn't have to hack up the
include path as I do now. Is there any reason this is not used on Unix,
instead of the hardcoded subdirectory-of-"python_prefix" way it is now?


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