>*** src/interfaces/libpq/fe-secure.c   28 Sep 2004 00:06:02 
>-0000  1.54
>--- src/interfaces/libpq/fe-secure.c   11 Oct 2004 19:50:22 -0000
>*** 1201,1206 ****
>--- 1201,1212 ----
>               return NULL;
>       return conn->ssl;
>  }
>+ #else
>+ void *
>+ PQgetssl(PGconn *conn)
>+ {
>+      return NULL;
>+ }
>  #endif   /* USE_SSL */
>This seems like a good idea, but that particular approach to it will
>draw an unprototyped-global-function warning on every non-SSL-enabled
>compile ... please clean it up.

Oops. Updated patch attached.

>Also, I count 3 *.def files to be fixed, not two.

Right. The Borland one, forgot all about that one. Included in attached
patch. Borland version not actually tested, though, since I don't have
Borland C..

>  (We really oughta
>figure a way to generate them all from a single list file... can we
>rely on sed(1) being available in all Windows build environments?)

Unfortunatly, no, we can't.
There are sed implementations available for win32, but they're not
installed by default. MingW and Cygwin of course ship with sed, but we
build libpq with MSVC and Borland as well...

The avaiable options to do it are just horrible. There is edlin, but it
can't be used for anything serious. Or there is the wonderful concept of
writing something in vbscript. But putting vbscript in there doesn't
seem like a very good option.

I like the idea of having it built automatically for the snapshots in
some way, and if you want to build it manually, you have to install
'sed'. I think that's a reasonable requirement.

Anyway. Here is the patch for this one. Not sure we want to muck around
with those build issues during beta considering they actually *work* now
(if a bit of extra work).


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