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On Wed, 2004-09-29 at 02:10, Bruce Momjian wrote:

I think your 'override' fix is correct.  Personally I think override
should be used in most cases in our code because we are usually careful
to add to any flags already supplied by the user.

Ok, I think 'override' is definitely correct for the instance the patch fixes, since the build breaks otherwise. Therefore I intend to apply the patch I posted earlier to HEAD shortly, barring any objections.

In addition, we modify LDFLAGS in the following places:

(1) src/ -- adding rpath flags

(2) src/ -- adding LDFLAGS due to COPT/PROFILE

(3) src/makefiles/Makefile.hpux

(4) src/makefiles/Makefile.irix

(5) src/makefiles/Makefile.qnx4

(6) src/makefiles/Makefile.svr4

What do folks think about using override in these situations?

I think that LDFLAGS overriding is in some situations bad for newer libtool, as it is used with some postgresql contrib makefiles and interfaces.

LIBS are added to LDFLAGS where they really should be added to
This causes incorrect order in the linker command-line, which fails in building shared libs. A similar problem as with building php.
Reini Urban

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