Bruce Momjian wrote:

Tom Lane wrote:

"Luiz K. Matsumura" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I modified pg_dumpall.c lines between 160 and 270 to add a #ifndef
WIN32... #endif clause to pgdumpopts to store
the parameters with double quotations intead simple quotation marks in
case of WIN32 ports

This seems unnecessarily ugly. Why not just go over to double quotes?

The patch was actually posted backward so maybe it wasn't clear but the change is to use double quotes instead of single quotes for Win32 arguments just like we do in other cases in pg_dumpall.c.

Single quotes do not behave the same as single quotes in the WIn32
CMD.EXES processor. For example, DIR "" and DIR '' produce different

Yes, but wasn't Tom's point that we could use double quotes on Unix too? That makes sense to me unless we expect some horrible interpolation effects.



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