Oliver Jowett wrote:
> This patch includes LDFLAGS_SL in SHLIB_LINK on most ports
> (previously it was only used on AIX and BeOS), and adds support for
> specifying it in configure.
> This lets you do something like:
>    ./configure LDFLAGS=-static-libgcc LDFLAGS_SL=-static-libgcc
> to produce binaries that do not depend on libgcc_s.so at all.

Two comments: First, support for specifying it on configure requires you 
to call AC_ARG_VAR ("require" as in it would prevent people from 
shooting themselves in the foot).  Please read up on it and add the 
appropriate call.  Second, the AC_MSG_NOTICE calls are there for some 
variables because configure may modify them.  But LDFLAGS_SL is just 
taken as given, so there is no need to print a notice about it.

Peter Eisentraut

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