Bruce Momjian wrote:

I see in include/sys/types.h on Solaris 9:

        #if defined(_LP64) || defined(_I32LPx)
        typedef uint_t nlink_t;                 /* file link type       */
        typedef int     pid_t;                  /* process id type      */
        typedef ulong_t nlink_t;                /* (historical version) */
        typedef long    pid_t;                  /* (historical version) */

I am confused why you are seeing long for pid_t?  What is your Solaris
system information?  If Solaris needs adjustments, there are a lot of
place we print getpid().

This is also what is on the Solaris system I was using. gcc -E showed that the #else branch was being taken. The #if branch is taken when compiling in 64-bit mode (gcc -m64).

We're fine so long as everything casts to either int or long. I only saw warnings from a couple of places that did not do a cast at all.


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